Sourdough culture

​      Making breads from a natural sourdough culture have sustained us for thousands of years. Healthy and nutritious bread is made with simple and pure ingredients.  It's become widely known that fermented foods are healthier for you and more easily digestible.  The benefits of eating breads made with a naturally fermented sourdough culture are:

  • Break down of starches​

                      Natural bacteria and yeasts pre-digest the starches during the slow fermentation process of the dough.  When the      finished bread is eaten, it is now more easily digestible.

  • Higher level of lactic acid

​                   With the much longer rise of sourdough, the build-up of lactic acids is elevated which breaks down Phytates .  Phytic acids normally block the absorption of minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc and copper; thus you regain the ability to benefit from these minerals. 

 We source the finest flours and ingredients available to us here in Florida. Except for our enriched doughs like Brioche, Challah and the like, all of our breads are vegan. Simply flour, water, sea salt and yeast.  The majority of our loaves are naturally levened for many hours under cool temperatures  which produces that crust and flavor you all have come to love. We love it to , obsessively so.

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Tearing into a fresh loaf of bread to judge the final result is the reward


​      ​Through the long fermentation of the dough, the enzymes create large amounts maltose and glucose.  Amino acids break down the combined sugars and protein.  The Maillard reaction starts when the loaves build heat (200º F) in the baking  process, the stored maltose and glucose bring very deep caramelized colors. This is how our breads develops it's deeply burnished colors

Hand Shaping

     ​To know the dough is to feel the dough. The days when everything was manual, made many masters of their craft, and is the connection between effort and result.  This is what guides us in producing our breads at  Pane D' Or.